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Vegetarian At A Steakhouse: What You Can Do

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When it comes to restaurants, the epitome of class and elegance to many is a high-quality, ambiance-filled steakhouse. In fact, steakhouses are the go-to venue for many business dinners, functions, and celebratory events, not to mention personal events and celebrations. When invited to a business function or family event at a steakhouse, the prospect can seem hopeless and daunting to a tried and true vegetarian such as yourself. However, rather than avoid the event completely, disappointing your business associates or friends and family, there are options available to you as a vegetarian at a steakhouse. So, before you give up on the idea of attending an event at a steakhouse, consider these potential options. 

Peruse The Menu Online

First and foremost, if the steakhouse has a website, pop on over for a bit and take a look. The restaurant may have a copy of their menu online for you to take a look at. 

As you do so, do not become immediately discouraged. Sure steakhouses specialize in and emphasize their steak offerings, but they usually have a variety of other menu options available. Look for options that are either already vegetarian or that can easily be made vegetarian (i.e. salads topped with chicken, or baked potatoes topped with bacon).

Don't discount the appetizers menu as you look for meat-free options. You may be able to build a meal out of appetizers and side dishes if nothing else is available. 

Call Ahead

If pre-warned, chefs can cater to various dietary restrictions and requests with ease and without sacrificing food quality. Thus, if no viable vegetarian options are available, or you don't have access to an online menu, give the steakhouse a call a few days prior to the event. 

Ask the hostess if the restaurant has any vegetarian options on the menu, or if the chef would be willing to make a vegetarian entree for your specific event. Under most circumstances, a restaurant values its customers enough to work with you on your dietary restrictions.

Make sure to be clear about the type of vegetarian you are when you talk to the restaurant. Some people define themselves as vegetarians even though they eat fish and shellfish. Be clear if this applies to you so that the restaurant staff can reasonably know what to expect. 

Skip The Meal And Go Straight To Dessert

If none of these options are available to you for vegetarian entrees or appetizers, you can still attend the event without being forced to eat meat. If all else fails, enjoy a few glasses of wine and order yourself a rich, decadent dessert rather than a meal. 

While this may mean you have to eat your vegetarian meal ahead of time, it still allows you to participate in the event and enjoy some of the delicious fare the steakhouse has to offer. You will also be able to avoid making others around you feel awkward by not eating anything while they indulge in their steak dinners.

As you can see, going to a steakhouse like Bardi's Steak House as a vegetarian can represent a unique challenge. However, there are easy steps you can take to help you to be able to attend your work or personal event at a steakhouse. All you need to do is give one or more of these options a try.