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Themed Cupcakes For Kids' Birthday Parties

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If you're hosting a themed birthday bash for your child, don't just stop at the decorations. Another cute way to incorporate the theme into the party is with cupcakes. No matter what birthday party theme your child desires, you can create delicious cupcakes to match. Either display the charming cupcakes in the middle of the table as a centerpiece and serve them as dessert, or send one home with each guest as sweet favors.

Some themed cupcake ideas include:

1. Beach-Themed Cupcakes

You can create whimsical beach-themed cupcakes with just a few extra touches. To top the desserts with "sand," sprinkle brown sugar or toasted, shredded coconut over the frosting. Then, place small fondant or plastic shapes, such as starfish, seashells, flip-flops and sunglasses on top. You can stick toothpick umbrellas into the "sand" as well. 

As another idea, top the cupcakes with turquoise-hued frosting, which you can make using food coloring. Finish the treats with candy fish or small gumballs to represent beach balls. 

2. Safari-Themed Cupcakes

Delight your little one with cupcakes featuring lion and monkey designs for his or her safari-themed birthday bash. To create the little lions, top the cupcakes first with yellow frosting. Create their manes by applying orange frosting around the perimeters of the cupcakes using a fine-tipped pastry bag. Use brown icing to draw the faces and circular oat cereal pieces as ears.

For the monkeys, top the cupcakes with chocolate frosting and create ears and faces with banana slices. Use raisins as eyes and noses, and draw on mouths using red icing.

3. Rainbow-Themed Cupcakes

Whip up brightly colored desserts using a rainbow-hued cake mix. Pour the mix into the cups in colorful layers as directed on the box, and finish the treats with dollops of white whipped frosting "clouds."

4. Circus-Themed Cupcakes

For a circus-themed birthday party, serve up clown-inspired cupcakes. First, cover the cupcakes with white frosting, and place several circular oat cereal pieces at the tops as curly clown hair.  Use small gumballs or jelly beans to create smiling mouths, small red cinnamon candies as noses, and icing to make eyes.

5. Garden-Themed Cupcakes

If you're hosting a outdoor summer garden party, design desserts that reflect the surroundings. To make butterfly-inspired treats, cover the cupcakes with light green frosting and place four dots of icing down the middles as the bugs' bodies. Set two small pretzel twists on either side as wings, and use round candy-coated chocolates as heads. Use brown icing or licorice pieces as the butterflies'' antennas.  

Talk to places like Glamorgan Bakery for more inspiration.