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How To Throw A Pizza Party For Your Child

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Birthdays are such exciting times for children. Childhood birthdays bring with them the excitement of turning another year older, opening presents, and being surrounded by family and friends. Themed birthday parties can be fun for kids. Consider throwing a pizza party for your child's next birthday. Here are a few simple steps for a successful pizza party:

1. Choose a venue.

Decide where you'd like to hold your pizza party. Most pizza restaurants can reserve a table for a large party if you call ahead of time to book reservations. Some restaurants even offer private banquet rooms specifically for parties.

2. Send out invitations.

Invite all of your child's closest friends and family to their pizza party. You can involve your child in the invitation process by making pizza-shaped invitations. Make sure to include the time, date, and the name and address of the pizza restaurant where your party will be held.

3. Bring decorations.

If you decide to have your kid's birthday party in a pizza restaurant, chances are you will need to provide your own birthday decorations. Balloons are an inexpensive and fun way to make a birthday party feel special. You may be able to rent a helium tank and blow up your own balloons. Streamers are another fun, affordable decorative option.

4. Play games.

Children love games, and no birthday would be complete without some party games. Real Simple suggests a fun, pizza-themed variation on pin the tail on the donkey: Use poster board to make a big pizza-shaped target to play "pin the pepperoni on the pizza." Have kids aim for the center of the pizza; the person who gets the closest wins the game.

5. Order pizza.

Some restaurants will allow you to place your order ahead of time, especially if you're ordering for a large party of people. If you haven't ordered ahead of time, however, you can take a poll of the guests' favorite kinds of pizza. You will probably want to order a few plain cheese pizzas for the kids and at least one classic pepperoni pizza. Order enough pizza for each person to have at least three slices; you wouldn't want to run out of food at your pizza party!

6. Have dessert.

Ask the restaurant ahead of time if you're allowed to bring cake and ice cream for your child's birthday party. Many restaurants will be very accommodating. Some restaurants will even provide plates and forks for your dessert. Better yet, find out if the restaurant offers a dessert menu. Some places offer dessert pizzas, fun concoctions made with sweet ingredients instead of savory ones. Dessert pizzas are sure to be a hit with the kids.

A pizza party can be fun for both kids and their parents. It's a great way to have fun with friends and catch up with relatives, all while enjoying great food. These six steps provide a quick guideline for throwing your child's next birthday party.