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How To Effectively Clean Your Commercial Coffee Maker

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In your restaurant, you rely on having a high-quality coffee maker that can brew a delicious cup of coffee in good time. Many customers request coffee when they go out to eat, whether they go for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You want your coffee maker to always be in good condition, and that starts with keeping it clean. If you fail to clean it, you may need to replace it more often.

By cleaning it, you also reduce how much maintenance you might have over time. Here are some tips for cleaning your commercial-level coffee maker:

Clean Them More Than Once a Day

Instead of letting your coffee maker go 24 hours a day without cleaning it, you should empty it and clean it properly a few times during the day, or at least one time for each different meal shift, such as breakfast, and then lunch. This will ensure every brew tastes good, and nobody has the taste of burnt or oily coffee.

If you go too long without cleaning it, it might cause you to have to replace your coffee maker much sooner than if you were adamant about keeping it clean.

Let it Cool Before Cleaning

It is best to have specific times during the day when you clean the coffee maker, so a customer is not waiting too long while you get this done. Of course, if you have multiple coffee makers, it will be much easier to accomplish. Before you attempt to clean the coffee maker, make sure the brewer is turned off and that you let all components of the machine cool off completely.

Use an Ice and Salt Cleaning Mixture

Fill the pot of the coffee maker with ice, then cover that ice with a good amount of table salt. Take a long wooden spoon to stir around the ice and salt mixture in the pot, stirring for a few minutes. This mixture works very well at cleaning the sides of the coffee pot and getting rid of coffee stains. Once you start to see the coffee stains loosen from the inner edge of the coffee pot, dump it into the sink and give it a good rinse using warm water.

Apply a Commercial Cleaner

Next, you will use a commercial cleaning solution, which are sold in stores selling other cleaning products. Follow the directions on the cleaner's package for using the cleaner. Some cleaners ask you to put it right into the coffee pot, while others ask that it goes into the filter first.

Either way, you will most likely apply the cleaner, then turn on the coffee maker to let it run through one or two brew cycles. After the brew cycle has gone through, turn it off and let it sit for several minutes.

Rinse and Dry

Once the brew cycle is done and you have given the cleaning product enough time to absorb stains, rinse out the coffee pot thoroughly. Take some time to also wipe down the outside of the coffee pot with a wet towel, and wipe down all areas of the machine. Don't forget about the area of the coffee machine that takes the filter. This is often ignored, but must be just as clean as the coffee pot itself. Don't forget about cleaning coffee grinders and other coffee equipment used in your kitchen.

If you find yourself having troubles still, try contacting a coffee machine repair service for help.