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Are You Planning A Wedding Shower? Take A Look At These Fun Ideas!

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If you have a friend or a family member who is getting married, you might be planning a wedding shower for the lucky bride. There are things you can do to make the event lovely and memorable. Here are a few suggestions for you to consider.

The Invitations - Get them out early! Your invitations should be received at least two weeks before the event takes place. Before you talk to the bride-to-be, have a number to give her. Of course, if you have a large home or you are holding the shower in a rented hall, the list could be large. But, if you want something more intimate, give her a number of how many guess you are comfortable inviting. Make the invitations very unique. For example, you can send the invitation in a plastic bottle or in a balloon. Don't forget to add curling ribbon and confetti for extra fun!

The Decorations - Use the bride's wedding colors! Whether you go with simple decorations or elaborate ones, you can make them even more special when you include pictures of the bride. Consider getting inexpensive frames that can be spray painted with her wedding colors and filling them with pictures of the bride from the time she was a baby until the present time. Another fun and simple idea is to have gift bags as the centerpieces. Choose one of the bride's colors for the bags and then use the second color in the tissue paper that will come out of the bag.

The Food - Head for your favorite bakery!

  • For your appetizers, consider dips of different kinds that you will serve with small slices of artisan breads. If you're in doubt as to which breads to select, the staff at the bakery will be able to give you many suggestions.
  • For the main dish, consider salads and finger sandwiches. Think of how easy they'll be to serve! Croissants filled with chicken salad would be a wonderful and traditional choice. Consider asking the baker to slice sour dough bread in thin slices for a superb sandwich made with ham and turkey and pesto spread. Another idea is to cut delicious white bread with a pretty cookie cutter and fill it with a combination of cream cheese, chopped pecans and pineapple.
  • For dessert, consider offering a selection of pastries and fancy cookies. If you'd rather have cake, it's fun to order a cake from a bakery like Valley Bakery Ltd that is chocolate on one side and white on the other side.

Have fun planning a great wedding shower!