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Foods You Should Expect To See At A Barbecue Catered Wedding Event

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Wedding ceremonies and receptions have been filled with traditional foods for a long time, but recent years have evolved the way people think about the foods that they want served at their own weddings. Don't be at all surprised if you receive an invitation and RSVP to a wedding that is planning to have catered barbecue at the reception. If this will be your first experience with barbecue-style-food at an upscale event, it is likely that you are a little curious. Here are a few of the more commonly asked questions about a wedding catered with foods that would normally be a part of a backyard barbecue.

What types of foods will be served at a barbecue-catered wedding?

If you are invited to a wedding with barbecue foods at the reception, you should expect to see a few of your familiar favorite flavors on your plate that you would see at any backyard barbecue. However, the favorite flavors may be offered in less-traditional barbecue ways.

Barbecued foods do not have to be messy or unfitting for an upscale event. Many caterers pull together barbecue favorites and traditional wedding foods to create a menu that is more suited to a wedding. For example, barbecued chicken may be prepared on a grill, but then shredded for croissant sandwiches or instead of barbecued franks, the caterer will offer a side dish consisting of roasted franks and beans. Even though some brides and grooms may go all out with a backyard barbecue menu for their wedding, many will kick up the class of the menu at least a bit with a few alterations.

Are barbecue-catered weddings typically outdoors?

Not necessarily. Even though barbecue-styled foods are a popular choice through the warm summer months at outdoor events, this type of food is just as easy to pull off when the weather is cool and the reception is held indoors. Cooking may still take place outdoors, but a lot of the summertime barbecue favorites can still be pulled off with modern indoor grills right in the kitchen of a venue.

The bottom line is, even though a wedding reception catered with barbecue-related foods may be a bit out of the ordinary, you are sure to enjoy your meal when you are lucky enough to be a guest. If you think that a barbecue catered menu would be good for your own event in the future, talk to a catering company of your choice (such as Alpine Catering Ltd) to find out what is available.