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4 Pizza Orders Inspired By Captain America: Civil War

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Enjoying dinner and a movie is a great way to spend a night with friends or a possible date. If you are planning on seeing the superhero movie Captain American: Civil War, then you can make a whole theme out of the night. When ordering pizza, there are four different topping designs that you can select from. Each design represents different elements from the movie and the heroes involved. Each of the following ideas also uses standard pizza toppings found at most restaurants.

Iron Man vs. Captain America

One of the biggest struggles featured in the film is the battle between Captain America and Iron Man. You can represent this battle and pick your side with a slice of a half-and-half topping pizza. One half of the pizza can feature all-American ground beef to represent the core values of Captain America. The other side can feature fresh slices of pepperoni to represent the bold red themes of Iron Man's various costumes. Iron Man is known for his signature red color, and pepperoni helps represent this. If you're not a fan of pepperoni, then you use red peppers for Iron Man, and a white vegetable like mushrooms for Captain America. Each side features great flavors and a fun way to select your favorite hero.

Captain America's Shield

Captain American's shield is one of the key weapons featured in the superhero film. Order a pizza with designs that represent the circular design of the shield. The base of the pizza toppings can feature sliced tomatoes to represent a variety of shield shapes. Top those tomato slices off with some black olives to represent the center of the shield. This is a great pizza option for veggie lovers.

The Avengers Assembled

When Captain America goes into battle, he will have a lot of the Avengers on his side. Represent the variety of heroes with a pizza that features all types of toppings. You can opt for a meat lover's pizza with ground beef, pepperoni, and ham, or a veggie pizza with spinach peppers and olives. If the move is making you feel adventurous, then you can go for the works and order a pizza with a ton of toppings combined.

The Civil War Battle

The actual battle between superhero teams will be explosive and action-packed. Create a similar feeling in your mouth with a pizza that is filled with spice. Toppings like buffalo chicken can create a lot of spice in your mouth and great flavors when mixed with sauce and cheese. Additional spicy toppings to include are red peppers and spicy sausage. Each bite can be filled with a real kick, much like the heroes will display on-screen.

Ordering these different pizza themes is a fun way to celebrate the movie release with children. They can even help order the pizza and select toppings that apply to the theme. Contact a pizza place like Columbus Pizza & Donair Donairs for more information on creating your pizza.